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On 11 March 2011, a huge earthquake hit eastern Japan.
M9.0 quake had enough power to take more than 10,000 lives with tsunami.

Many towns and villages were completely destroyed and over 30,000 people lost their houses.
Nuclear power plant went down to become a catastrophe and this is worse than ever happened in the eastern land of sunrise, Japan.
In 1995, Kobe city was hit by a huge M7.0 earthquake and it took many lives, houses, public services and industries. It is 16 years since then but reconstruction is not completed yet especially on its culture and art.

We have to be aware that we have to continue our support toward stricken area because we easily forget the pain of disaster.
We, as a member of art, have to make an effective and continuous action to help people who are damaged with this earthquake. It will be a long and winding road to reconstruct their towns and villages. But we are very sure we will never give up.

We have been announcing people who are taking part with art to join to one program because it may be much more powerful if we join together with one logo and one charter to bundle people and make this social art activities continuous.

We made it as "Socio Arte" program and wishing people to join. Amplification and memory is very important for longterm support.

We have made 500 collecting boxes with logo to deliver to art galleries of all over Japan for free with logo stickers and charterPDF to print.

If you agree with this idea, we would like to welcome you to the program.

Socio Arte Director
Gallery TANTO TEMPO Takeki Sugiyama